OPTICSMIND is equipped with the most precise measurement system from ZEISS of Germany. Which provides an accurate and objective measurement for leading the most suitable prescription solution to customers.


OPTICSMIND provides comprehensive eye examination services, including visual function tests, refraction tests and rapid fundus screening. The examination is conducted by professional optometrists, giving you the most comprehensive understanding of your eye health.


OPTICSMIND is Zeiss Vision Experts recognized by Zeiss headquarters in Germany, which means that the shop's experience in the configuration of equipment, optical lenses, especially progressive or personalized grade lenses, are all up to the highest official standards. The manager was even invited to visit the headquarters in Germany this year to have the deepest understanding of the whole lens research and development to production.


In addition to Zeiss lenses, OPTICSMIND provides different brands of lenses including:

Lenses are a headache for customers because of the variety of lenses available and the different sales practices in the market. We will choose the right lenses with the right features and price based on the customer's eye care needs and examination results.

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